Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mission

I have met so many people in recent days who are hungry for God and eager to get on the front lines of our mission to carry the gospel to our city, the region, the nation, and the "uttermost parts of the earth". They have lives to offer. They have money to give. They have property they want used for God's glory. But how do they go about it? These are people who are ready to put their feet on the gas, but their leadership doesn't seem to have a direction to give them in discipleship and mission. So it makes sense that the words I will share next would leap out from the page at me today. I sensed the Spirit prompting me to re-read Terry Virgo's "No Well Worn Paths" again some weeks ago.

Terry is the founder of church planting ministry Newfrontiers, based in Brighton, England. There are around 600 Newfrontiers churches around the world.
The Father has been faithful to use my reading to stir fresh passion and vision in my heart. And there are those provocative quotes I come across that I just can't resist sharing. So here is one of those. I welcome your comments in response.

"Jesus did not invite fishermen to leave their nets simply to study systematic theology, but to accompany him immediately on his mission to establish his kingdom in the world. He taught them truth as they went with him. So devotion to Christ is in the context of mission and teamwork among churches that help to open doors and create contexts for service as God leads."

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Byron said...

Great stuff! I so appreciate Terry's bold insights into the way ministry is done today. Hope you had a great weekend.