Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Call to Courage

Whenever I get an email from Doug Robinson in Cleveland with a link for a sermon to listen to, I need to prioritize it. The last time it was a message from Francis Chan. This time Crawford Loritts delivered a powerful message on Courage and Boldness... a very timely message for me in this season of life. It is a sermon every man needs to listen to, especially those who believe God has called them to ministry. I welcome your feedback on how the Lord uses Dr. Loritts' message to speak to you.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Dennis Hall at Jubilee Church Atlanta

Dennis Hall and Jubilee member Isaac Olagunju

We are back from an extraordinary weekend in Atlanta. We had a great time of fellowship with good friends of ours, and returning to Jubilee Church Atlanta is always like reconnecting with family. This trip was especially uplifting because my good friend Dennis Hall preached Sunday morning. We are friends today because Dennis reached out to me through Facebook last Spring. He has had an extraordinary impact as the Lord has used him prophetically to help shape what the Lord is doing in my life in this season. And clearly the Lord has had multiple purposes in play in this connection. Dennis contacted me at a time when I was in the early stages of developing relationally with the church planting ministry Newfrontiers. So along the way, Dennis connected with Carl Herrington, who leads Jubilee Atlanta, which led to the invitation to preach Sunday morning.

So I am excited to share with you the hard hitting message we enjoyed Sunday morning. I hope it stirs your heart as it did ours.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Father's Day Message... on Fatherhood

Vince Coakley with Rev. Dr. George M. Busby, Sr. Pastor

I wanted to post this a lot sooner, but technical issues prevented me from doing so. In any case, I am glad to present to you a message delivered on Father's Day. Vince Coakley preached at the First United Presbyterian Church in Uptown Charlotte. I hope you are edified by his message on fatherhood.