Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SGM Detox Update and "The Bible"

If you've followed my posts here and the SGM Detox series, you are aware I often refer to my SGM church as Egypt.  It was first a place of blessing, but later of bondage.  With that in mind I was really struck by this theme as I watched "The Bible" on the History Channel with my family last night.

Obviously some of the Biblical story has been augmented by artistic license.  With that in mind, here are some brief observations:

Pharaoh mocking Moses for following an "invisible" God.  Hebrews 11 (the "faith" chapter) commends Moses for "seeing Him who is invisible".   I believe most professing Christians are, in reality, materialists. Here's what I mean: too many of them don't believe Jesus can reign over his people... that God needs men (i.e. pastors) to "govern" them.   This error is propagated by way too many pastors who also believe that without them, God's people will run wild in rebellion and sin.  The truth is when Jesus truly reigns in His people, they don't need as much governance as they do guidance.  And guidance is only helpful from people who lead by example and relate to other believers in mutual submission, not merely preach down to people in a religious cattle call.

Pharaoh's stubborn defiance in the face of God's judgment.  I've expressed that I believe God is prophetically speaking to SGM leaders (and others for that matter) with the prophetic message "let my people go!".   And yet, despite the stream of revelations of abusive leadership practices, corrupt religious elitism and even allegations of cover up of sexual abuse, too many of these leaders are still standing instead of falling on their faces in repentance and surrender.   We know how this story ends.

A contrast of leadership: Moses v. Pharaoh.  My wife noticed the contrast between Moses and Pharaoh at the Red Sea scene. Again, some artistic license is used here, but the message is powerful.   After the waters start to recede, Moses is the first to go onto dry ground between the walls of the sea and tell the others "follow me". He is leading on a faith journey, not merely preaching to others to do so as he stands "safely" away from the powerful waters.   In contrast, Pharaoh stands behind his armies, driving them into the sea bed to pursue the Israelites.  See the difference?

We continue to receive wonderful feedback on the SGM Detox series, and enjoy wonderful conversations with some of you who are facing some challenging situations.  I'm confident Jesus will be glorified as His sons  and daughters are delivered from religious bondage and begin walking in their true identity and gifting with other free brothers and sisters.

SGM Detox will resume on Saturday at 11am. You can listen at this link:


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