Thursday, March 7, 2013

SGM Detox Preview: Lifestyle Legalism

You will not want to miss this weekend's "SGM Detox". The focus will be on expressions of lifestyle legalism.  

At the top you will be blown away by a Facebook message posted by former neighbors of ours.  Do you want to get a sense of the impact of what has been purported to be "The Happiest Place on Earth?"  You'll get a greater sense of what is at stake in our professed testimony of Jesus.  

We'll tackle "the family gospel", the challenge of singleness in "family oriented" churches, the home school emphasis, formulaic parenting, and the destructive emphasis on men's and women's roles.  

Also on tap, Dr. Crosby will call out Neo-Reformation leaders for their theological views that establish the underpinnings for abuse and control.  The result is emasculated men and women robbed of functional humanity.  We'll also tackle "full quiver"

In addition, we'll talk church membership, church discipline, and the idol of "the local church".  Also, dating and courtship.  purity and modesty.

We'll wrap it up by delving into the implications of forgiveness.  It is a powerful show you will want to listen to, and share.    Saturday morning at 11:00 Eastern Time at this link:

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