Monday, May 21, 2012

How New is the New Covenant? : Grace and Truth in the Light of the New Covenant

In discussing our spiritual journey with a friend the other day, I spoke something that was a revelation to me as I uttered the words.  I declared that when we made a step of faith 4 years ago, we thought we knew what God was up to.   We now know he had other plans.  The bottom line is,  I now realize that God is the Lord of my journey.  And where I am today is not merely the product of my own spiritual management of my walk.   If that were the case, who is really God?

Further developing this kingdom value, Steve Crosby zooms in on definitions of words we may have heard many times before, like Grace and Truth.   Now you will hear more about them from a relational paradigm.

AN ADVISORY:  Due to a change of order in the messages delivered, last week's post was mislabeled.  You can hear the newest unreleased segment at this link.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

How New is the New Covenant?: A Covenantal Life or a Principled One?

The foundation of New Covenant Life is found in the knowledge of God. But what is that?  Is it merely an intellectual collection of information about God?

In his usual style, Dr. Steve Crosby drives home the reason for our full heads and empty hearts in the modern church.   But he doesn't leave us there.   We learn how to experience the reality of eternal life, the life Jesus purchased for us on the cross.

Monday, May 7, 2012

How New is the New Covenant? : Solution: Righteousness - How It Should Be Defined

In the 3rd session, Dr. Steve Crosby already defined sin as relational alienation.
Now he tackles righteousness from a relational persepctive.  

Very often people describe righteousness merely in behavioral terms or in the context of ethical issues.   So is there a way to increase our righteousness?  What really happened in the New Covenant?  If sin is relational alienation, what is the remedy?  These are some of the issues Steve deals with in part 4 of his series.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How New is the New Covenant? The Problem: Sin - How Should it Be Defined?

What is sin?   This age old question has been the subject (even an obsession) for so many discussions, bible studies and sermons.  But what is at the root?  

In recent years I have come to a profound transformation in this area by a shift from a forensic perspective to a relational one.  The result is gloriously liberating and empowering for God's people when we reject years of faulty tradition that have produced bad fruit and embrace our Heavenly Father and His Word.  God really is for us.  He is not merely  a cosmic Prosecutor or even Judge, keeping score so he can whack us when we sin.  

In this 3rd part of Steve Crosby's series, "How New is the New Covenant?", he even takes on issues of how we view knowledge, truth, morality, and even worship in a kingdom context. 

Let the spirit of God refresh your heart and mind as you listen to this liberating message.