Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How New is the New Covenant? The Problem: Sin - How Should it Be Defined?

What is sin?   This age old question has been the subject (even an obsession) for so many discussions, bible studies and sermons.  But what is at the root?  

In recent years I have come to a profound transformation in this area by a shift from a forensic perspective to a relational one.  The result is gloriously liberating and empowering for God's people when we reject years of faulty tradition that have produced bad fruit and embrace our Heavenly Father and His Word.  God really is for us.  He is not merely  a cosmic Prosecutor or even Judge, keeping score so he can whack us when we sin.  

In this 3rd part of Steve Crosby's series, "How New is the New Covenant?", he even takes on issues of how we view knowledge, truth, morality, and even worship in a kingdom context. 

Let the spirit of God refresh your heart and mind as you listen to this liberating message.


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