Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How New is the New Covenant? The Covenantal Godhead

Do you ever wonder why so often we fail to truly reflect the image of our Heavenly Father?   Dr. Steve Crosby addresses that and other questions in part 2 of his series.

We learn that our understanding of Him (or misunderstanding) is ultimately what we end up reflecting to others.

The key to the new covenant is understanding true faith. It is not just believing a set of doctrines, but RELATIONAL TRUST.  This has been a transformational value in my life. 

You will also appreciate Steve's sharing about God's provision for Covenantal living.  
Here is part 2 of the series, How New is the New Covenant?



Agapa me said...

What's new about the New Covenant?

God accepts us where we are and resolves to make us who He wants us to be. It is not up to us to keep the rules. We can trust Him and admit our faults and weaknesses to Him, asking Him to change us.


Agapa me said...

What is new about the New Covenant?

God accepts us, even though we haven't kept the rules. He knows we aren't who we should be, but he accepts us where we are and make us who we should be.

In the New Covenant, we can stop pretending we've got it together, we can admit we need help and trust Him to be our help.