Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SGM Detox Update, and a Recommended Resource

We continue to get very encouraging feedback on the program.  Lights of liberty are springing up in souls that have been darkened by perversions of God's grace and counterfeit leadership paradigms for years.

This week, we will wrap up our discussion of leadership and move on to address the path to freedom for victims of abuse.  It is vital to understand how we were taken captive and take responsibility for those vulnerabilities if we hope to move on into a healthy relationship with Jesus and others.

In the stream of social media feedback, we received this note from a listener:

Through a link that I received somehow, I listened today to your interview
with Bryon Weibold, on August 4th.  This interview was... amazing.  And so
timely for what my church is going through.

I don't understand why the broadcasts I've heard of yours don't have scores
of comments.  It was so inspiring!

For this reason I'm posting a link to that blog posting and podcast here.  I do agree that many of the issues we're discussing on "Detox" were covered in my talk with Bryon.   And as always I welcome your "scores of comments" :)    God Bless!


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