Monday, February 11, 2013

Announcing: SGM Detox A New Talk Show


Beginning Saturday February 16, 2013, The Renaissance Network will present a special show to help countless believers who have been negatively affected by a church planting ministry known as Sovereign Grace Ministries.

SGM Detox will address the unhealthy religious contagions that have damaged believers, and provide biblical instruction and counsel to help Christ followers move beyond their spiritual bondage and offenses... and into a healthy expression of life in Jesus.   We will also troubleshoot various organizations and entities that have experienced crisis because of failures in leadership as well as doctrines and practices that left people devastated.

Each show will cover specific areas of concern, and time will also be provided for listeners to call  in to join the dialogue.

SGM Detox will also feature resources that will be very helpful for a person who has left SGM or a similar organization. 

SGM Detox will be hosted by Vince Coakley, a veteran broadcaster who spent 15 years in an SGM Church.  Vince will share his journey of ongoing transformation, and the people and resources that have ministered to him and others he currently walks with.

Joining Vince is Dr. Steve Crosby. Dr. Crosby brings his prophetic insight, along with 40 years of church experience. You can access Dr. Crosby's website at this link:

Addressing people who were affected by SGM and similar churches and ministries, Coakley offers this exhortation: "I hope you join us on an exciting journey into freedom, wholeness, and mutuality in the Body of Christ. I especially want to encourage those of you who are afraid to have hope again.  You will find great reason for hope in this special broadcast."

SGM Detox premieres Saturday February 16th at 11:00am.

You can listen:

-on your Android phone with the "Vince Coakley" app

-on your non-Android phone by calling 805 243 1335



Anonymous said...

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this. There are a lot of us out there that are wounded and barely able to pick up the pieces especially our young adults who don't seem to trust anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

THIS is an AWESOME idea! THANK YOU!!!! I think this is REALLY needed!

Anonymous said...

Holy Kamoly this is Outstanding!!! Thank You for The call to Revolution. It is indeed that. Passing this along. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

I am praying - hoping this is an answer to prayer for some answers -

You wrote: "Many of you have been so institutionalized, you believe that in this current crisis, something is wrong with you."

So true - it is always about where I am sinning... hoping God will straighten my paths like he promised.