Friday, May 29, 2009

How Desperately Do We Want Him?

It has been some time since I've visited with you... longer than I would prefer. The pace of life has not allowed me to post until now. I did find another quote from Arthur Wallis' "In the Day of Thy Power" too irresistable to not share with you. It begins Chapter 13, "Paying the Price". The quote is from Duncan Campbell:

"These things spake Jesus, and departed and did hide Himself" (John 12:36). Is God hiding Himself because we are unwilling to face the implications of the cross? We want revival, but are we willing to pay the price? That price is death to the self-life. This surely is the place of victory and the price of revival. For the sake of our Lord, for the sake of perishing souls and the crown rights of our Redeemer, let us face the cross, and in the strength of His grace go through."

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