Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Prophetic Warning about Our American President

As you know this is not primarily a political blog, nor will it ever be. My preeminent concern is the kingdom of God, with Jesus as King. Having said that, I also believe our role as Christ followers is to be salt and light. While we are not politically driven or allow ourselves to be drawn into another form of secular sectarianism, I also believe we have a vital prophetic role to play to help people understand their world from a kingdom perspective. And perhaps never before has this role been so necessary in America. I believe this country is in grave danger after the 2008 election. In place now are people who have no desire to honor our Constitution and build upon the foundation laid by the Founding Fathers… people who laid that foundation with the fear of God in their hearts. For years one party has patiently and incrementally and systematically disassembled our freedoms under the guise of “giving us things”. The other party has either acquiesced or actively co-opted this agenda. The result is, months into his term as President, Barack Obama has rapidly accelerated this slide into socialism, or maybe something worse. Tragically, this ongoing “revolution” is taking place without the firing of a single shot. Uninformed people elected a man with no demonstrated loyalty to God or our country. The media continues serving up the Kool-Aid of hero worship. And day by day, our freedoms are getting legislated away with impunity. Our children are increasingly the victims of generational theft. And the public warnings which should blare as loudly as civil defense sirens are mostly silent as our Great Republic is set up for implosion, destruction by foreign powers, or maybe both.
So what should we do? First and foremost the people of God must pray. But then we must ask our Heavenly Father what He wants us to do to stem the tide, to stand in the gap to keep The Enemy (Satan himself) from devouring this nation. There is time, but there is no time to play or delay.
This posting was prompted by a piece a talk show host read on the radio on Friday June 26th, 2009. I urge you to click on the link below to read it. I believe it is the most insightful perspective on our President that I’ve read. Please read it completely, pray fervently, and I would love for you to post your thoughts when you finish the article. May our Heavenly Father have mercy on us!

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