Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Church of Co-Workers, Not Customers

There was an uploading issue that prevented me from making the video available for the past few days. This has now been corrected. Sorry to leave some of you disappointed. But I believe you will agree this message is well worth the wait.

My friend Doug Robinson called me on Wednesday to urgently draw my attention to yet another message from Francis Chan. Once again, it was a sermon that covered themes that have been hot topics for us in recent weeks. So after watching it with the family Wednesday evening, I've decided to post it here for your edification. By the way, I would strongly recommend Chan's book, "Crazy Love". Because I am overloaded with reading right now, I took the easy road and listened to the audio book version and it is powerful stuff. But for now, park in front of the computer with the Word and an open heart, and take in this message detailing Francis Chan's new church planting venture.

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