Sunday, January 10, 2010


I cannnot remember a higher sense of anticipation for reading any newsletter in recent history than the one I'm sharing with you now. This is another great blessing of the Lord through my developing friendship with Don Atkin. Back in the Fall, I got to hear and meet Mark Setch at the Global Communion conference here in Charlotte. The spostolic and prophetic vision he shared during his session further inflamed my desire to see the glory of the risen Lord Jesus Christ reigning supreme in His Church. And I'm confident THE WAR ON FULLNESS will have the same effect on you.

There is a war on the fullness of Christ in the world.
There are forces that oppose the fullness of Jesus and
forces that inhibit the fullness of Jesus. I contend
that the institutional church construct actually inhibits
the capacity of the Church to be the fullness of

Institutional church construct refers to the overarching
mindset and structure that predisposes congregations, denominations,
house churches, ministry networks, and mission
organizations to give priority to building, maintaining and defending
their distinctive expression of “church” over and
against the local, regional, national and global expression of
the Body of Christ.

Mark Setch, is a relating apostolic servant leader
based in Australia. He has captured the essence of
one of the greatest single challenges for today’s
church, and has presented it with much love and
grace. This may be the most important message
that you will read this year! —Don Atkin

The War on Fullness

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