Sunday, March 7, 2010

SYSTEM FAILURE Did You Get The Church Recall Notice????

I'm honored to share again another contribution from Jose Bosque.

Its clever and timely, but more importantly, prophetic. I love how Jose points out: "The Church is in need of Prophets who will proclaim the Recall and Apostles who will know how to replace the faulty with the original parts." What do you think?


With this in mind the Lord showed me in a dream last night where I was preaching about System Failure in the Church. In the dream the Lord had given a Recall Notice to the Church like Toyota just did. The Lord said the problem is never the Design as the Designer is Divine and makes no mistakes. The problem is in the materials used and/or worker error.
The recall requires a "tear down" before a "replacement" part can be installed. I know I am preaching to the Choir but in reference to the church but here are a few parts that must be removed and replaced. 12 is a nice governmental number so I will limit myself to that for this short article. I will not provide explanations since most of you know where I am going.

1. I believe we must start with a revamp of our definitions and a return to the biblical vocabulary.

2. The problem begins at the top so we will start there. Pastor must be replaced by 5 fold Elders (plural).

3. The demonic clergy-laity distinction must be dealt with next. Every Christian is a Minister/Priest versus the word "Member"

4. That will release the full Body of Christ to see themselves as participants instead of spectators. Since there are no laity we don't have to concern ourselves with cute stories to amuse the crowds and can return to Bible exposition.

5. Now our gatherings can be Jesus centered not clergy centered. God would get the Glory and not men. What a novel idea?

6. Next, we must remove Constantine' s heresy of calling a building "the Church". This will make room to install the correct teaching that we are the Temple of the Lord made with Living stones. So if we are not attached to buildings maybe we would have more finances to give to His servants, the poor and the needy.

7. Now that we are "the Church" wherever we are, whenever it is, However we are gathered" the Church" is in session so we will not need to continue to worship at the feet of the idol we call Sunday Services.

8. If we have no "services" then we need no bulletins. Everyone is aware that we flow with the Holy Spirit and Jesus is Head of His Church. God is not in "time" so if we are in God, "time" as we know it is insignificant.

9. Since we are not in a hurry, we can concentrate on His Presence in His Body instead of using paid professionals (hirelings) that help us compete/ stand out in the church marketplace, better known as" the business of church".

10. Since the other congregations- ekklesia "called out ones" are my brothers and we are all members of the same Body of Jesus Christ there is no more competition/divisions. We are ready to learn what it means to love your brothers as yourself.

11. Wow, imagine that, a world affected by born again, spirit filled, radical Christians who are not waiting for the next "service" to turn on their gifts. This would allow Christians to be released to use their gifts in the marketplace so Christianity would be seen as a lifestyle not a Bless Me Club.

12. Now that the "Church" works we can concentrate together on establishing the Kingdom of God on earth, instead of trying to get out on the next rapture flight in defeat or concentrating on how bad things are and when the End will come. Maybe then we could "finish" the great commission.

Oh, FATHER have mercy on us!

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