Sunday, March 6, 2011

Citywide Celebration: Reflection and Looking Ahead

This has been a day of reflecting, rejoicing and of contemplation.

Last night we held our first Citywide Celebration event here in Charlotte. It brought together people from our 3 fellowships in the region, members of The Creek (who hosted us) and a number of others who responded to invitations from friends, through facebook, online message boards, and radio commercials.

It was a night of music, of testimonies, of teaching, and fellowship. We hope to post audio and video segments soon.

Today I rejoiced in the Lord, reflecting on a hopeful prayer of faith that began the night from Lisa Koons of Charlotte 24-7, a testimony of sacrificial servanthood from Dan House about Ed Bellaire, a fatherly exhortation from my friend Don Atkin, a humorous and simple yet profound message on the purpose of our gathering together from Steve Crosby, and the joy of watching the Lord establish new kingdom connections.

It was a joy meeting new people, and observing the way our Father weaves our lives together in Him: like the young teacher overflowing with Jesus, who just happens to be reading blogs from an apostolic friend who is coming to Charlotte next month. There's also the man who just happened to hear a radio spot announcing the event and decided to come with his wife. He figured that since it was happening at the church where Dennis Hall pastors, it must be something good. By the way, that couple lives in our neighborhood and we expect to connect as couples very soon.

Looking ahead, I'm reminded of the sobering task ahead, to see strongholds of religion and fear demolished so we, His sons and daughters can truly walk as one body.

For those who shared the night with us, I welcome your testimonies as well. Otherwise we'll keep everyone posted on plans for the next citywide gathering. Stay tuned.

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