Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bubble Will Burst

Early in my journey outside the legacy church system, I met David Newby at the Global Communion Conference here in Charlotte.

This Australian leader took time to befriend me during a time of significant upheaval. I don't remember all the specifics of what he shared in the fall of 2009. I do know Kingdom impartation and encouragement took place. David also gave me a copy of his book, "The Bubble Will Burst". It was probably THE first I read in the context of the new Kingdom understanding the Father began unveiling nearly 2 years ago. David and I have stayed in touch periodically over Skype. In fact, his call this morning reminded me that I have not previously written a blog on his book. So I am setting out to remedy that now.

The idea behind the book is that "bubbles" are "every wrong premise, wrong concept and wrong vision... allowed to develop". David Continues: "The instruction "Don't burst his bubble" generally means to leave someone in their illusions, to not bring them back to reality. A bubble looks good and attracts attention, but it is empty, short lived and has not practical use."

Newby goes on to identify bubbles: "churches, assemblies and groups built on wrong concepts, tradition or old covenant practices." On the personal level they are "dreams,and visions about serving God, or setting up a ministry or church and these came from our own desires and not the Lord's plan for our lives."

David comes out swinging at the target in this excerpt, identifying the unfinished work the Lord only began in 1517:



Because we have moved from works to faith, but then replaced faith with performance. We feel the need to do things to keep in good with God.

Because we have moved from law to grace, but then replaced grace with expectations. As church members we are told that there are things we must do and standards we must comply with, the implication being that these are necessary if we are to continue enjoying the grace of God. We have developed a notion of the unlimited grace of God towards unbelievers, and the conditional grace of God toward believers.

Because we have only partly moved from ecclesiastical priesthood to the priesthood of every believer, but have not removed the separation of clergy and laity, pastor and people.

Because we have not released servant body ministry, but have adopted church leadership in a secular and old covenant sense.

Because we have encouraged people to receive Holy Spirit empowered gifts, ministries and abilities, but then corked the bottle of "lay ministry" to preserve the positions of power and privilege for the select few.

Because we have been saved fromt the kingdom of darkness, but have not fully appropriated the Kingdom of God, but rather incorporated the savoury parts of His Kingdom into our own.

Because our focus has slipped away from saving the lost to prospering and entertaining the saved.

Perhaps other items could be added to this growing list... and some of these may be taken as generalizations or not even applicable. It would be true that many Christians are free in regard to these errors, but some of these points do apply in many places.

The Holy Spirit will not rest until the Lord Jesus Christ reigns supreme in the Church. His truth is to be the standard, not our personal opinions.

What then is the purpose of God in completing the Reformation?

To establish His new covenant Church.

This is the one, true Church of which Jesus Said "I will build My Church..." (Matthew 16:18 KJV). The key word in this verse being "I".

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