Monday, December 31, 2012

Your Empowered Inheritance... NOW!!!

If I were to see this book in a Christian bookstore, I would probably avoid it.  I would do so because my initial impression would be that this is yet another me-centered religious book passed off as Christian.
Fortunately, because I know the author, I have opened the book and eagerly devoured its contents.   And once again I find it explains so much of what's wrong with today's so-called "Christian Church", and more importantly, how to put things in order.

Frankly, it begins with what we call the gospel message.   I'm convinced that most of today's professing Christians have bought into a counterfeit gospel.  It has been gutted of any real substance or power.  I also believe this is the major reason we have to resort to Madison Avenue methodology to "market" "churches".  The essence of what we profess is missing.

I'll share a penetrating quote from "Your Empowered Inheritance..."

"Our faith is called Christianity after Jesus of Nazareth, not Paulianity after Paul, nor Churchianity after the church. The church is not the pattern for the church. Christ is the pattern. We are conformed to His image, not the church's.  If He is not the pattern our faith would be better called Biblianity: the worship of a book and adherence to its principles.

Much of the angst caused by searching for patterns in Scripture is contrary to the spirit of the gospel. The New Testament is neither a rulebook nor a guidebook. It is a revelation of a Person.

Human religious inclinations are always toward finding a law, rule, or pattern that spells things out for us so we can "do them". The New Testament is about finding a life and losing our own. Therefore, searching the scriptures for patterns is fundamentally incorrect. The Scriptures do not reveal patterns. They reveal Him."

My primary prayer for the coming year would be that the Spirit of God would stir up a people who will claim and walk in their full inheritance.  Its not about perfection, but the pursuit together in Him.   I would encourage you to read "Your Empowered Inheritance...NOW!" and share it with your friends and family members.

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Happy New Year!


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