Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming to Charlotte: The Story-Formed Life

Over 30+ years of church life, I've seen a variety of discipleship programs.  Unfortunately most were more geared toward creating "church" disciples rather than effective followers of Jesus.   But in the past year I came across one approach that caught my eye and heart.   It is called "The Story-Formed Life".  A friend in Cleveland brought it to my attention.  

What immediately struck me was its comprehensive, big picture approach.   I also like the fact that the goal is not simply to accumulate information but to meditate on critical aspects of God's story and to do so in community.  This provides the opportunity for believers of various backgrounds to begin walking together "on the same page".   This is not about sterile doctrinal conformity but foundational kingdom truth and values that set the stage for authentic community discipleship.

Lord willing, some out of town friends will hang out in Charlotte to guide  the 11 week series sometime in 2011.  Depending on the level of interest we may have 2 groups going through the series here in the Charlotte area.   Until then we will post a series of videos and blogs to help you understand what Story-Formed is and how it works.  

If you do believe the Lord wants you involved and are willing to make this 11 week commitment to go through "Story-Formed", send an email to the address below with your name and the number of family members who will join you. This will help us confirm the level of interest and determine potential location(s)

Meanwhile here's a preview video from Jeremy Pryor answering the question: "What Is Story-Formed?"

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