Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spotlight: David Fredrickson coming to Charlotte Metro Area

Early in my journey in the Organic Church community, I enjoyed meeting and having time to fellowship with David Fredrickson at the Global Communion conference in 2009. One of the first of many books I read after that conference was Fredrickson's "When the Church leaves the Building." I also later watched his excellent video series "Church Outside the Walls".

Now nearly 2 years into this journey, I'm excited about reconnecting with David this week. By coincidence (ha!) he and Steve Crosby will minister in Hickory next weekend in two seperate venues. But before then we will have the opportunity to fellowship here in Charlotte. 

If you are interested in joining us for a gathering in Charlotte on Wednesday, or for Steve or David's appearances in Hickory next weekend (May 14-15,2011), send a message to this email address indicating your name and the number of people with you. Space could be limited, especially on Wednesday.

In the meantime, enjoy David Fredrickson's hilarious "Lessons in Christianity" clip, illustrating how ridiculously religious we can be sometimes:

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Odette said...

hilarious and sooooo true! God forgive me and all of us. In Jesus name, LOL