Friday, April 17, 2009

If We Start with the Bible...

My friend Doug Robinson in Cleveland sent a link for this sermon last night. My wife and I have spent the morning listening and were blown away! Francis Chan communicates everything I believe about BEING the church as opposed to "having church". Already, since passing this on to my closest friends, a pastor friend of mine here in Charlotte is strongly considering playing this Sunday morning.

You can watch the sermon here. A church promotional video and Francis Chan's announcements are at the beginning of the video, so the actual message begins at about 22 minutes in.

Based on what we hear in this sermon, I believe the Lord would want us to ask Him, "what are you calling me to do?" After asking Him that question, I'd love for you to post His answer to you under comments.

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Ming said...

I loved that sermon--I love what they are doing out there. I listened to it when it came out. =)