Sunday, February 17, 2013

SGM Detox: Overwhelming Response and Future Plans

As I write this, more than 500 people have listened to the program, either live or as a podcast.
Here is a portion of one of my favorite emails in response to the broadcast:

When you spoke of CJ's teaching of the cross and not moving away from the reminded me of this story.  A few years ago, my husband was reading a bible story to our 2 year old.  It was the story of the cross.  My husband explained to him that at the cross Jesus died for our sins.  My 2 year old starting crying and we could not calm him down.  He finally asked..."that is so Jesus is dead?"  My husband picked him up and told him that that wasn't the end of the story.  That Jesus is alive now.  He stopped crying.  I realized at that moment that I felt just like my son...despair.  I had been living as if Jesus was still dead.  If we stop at the cross we are hopeless.  It was then that my eyes began to open to the lies that we were being taught.  They said the word "gospel" all the time but we realized the whole gospel was never being taught.  But I continued to tell myself that I was the problem...and no matter what church we went to I would be there and I would just make that church worse.  Thanks be to God that He has set me free.  I found hope in your statement that it took 7 years to heal.  So maybe I too am making progress!   
Well, thanks for listening and I look forward to reading your articles and listening to more SGM Detox.
And there will be more broadcasts.   We will resume this Saturday and tackle the huge issues connected to Leadership and Authority.  Once again Dr. Steve Crosby will join us.   It was his book that I read back in 2009 that helped me to understand the heart of God regarding leadership, and how some in the church system have distorted the scriptures in a way that brings God's people into bondage. You can find "Authority..." at this link.

As always, your questions are welcome. You can call in to the show live, beginning at 11am on Saturday, at 805 243 1335.   You can listen to SGM Detox live at this link Saturday morning:

For those who have not heard the first show, you can listen at this link:

Until we connect on Saturday, may the grace of God rest upon you all, not just as a theological concept, but as a living reality.

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Steve said...

I appreciate your program. You were right on with what you said.

I appreciated where you said one leader of the reformation had a bad relationship with his earthly father. C.J. Mahaney's father was an alcoholic when he grew up and people have theorized that due to this C.J. has a distorted view of the father heart of God.

Sadly this has affected the whole SGM Organization.